David Dutton is the main Protagonist in The Crazies (remake) he is portrayed by Timothy Olyphant. You might be looking for the protagonist of the original film: David


David Dutton is the official Sheriff of Ogden Marsh his deputy is also his best friend Russell Clank.

David and his deputy are enjoying the local baseball game until Rory Hamill walks onto the pitch with a loaded shotgun ordering the players to leave David tries to confront Rory and convince him he is drunk but to no avail he is forced to shoot Rory before the latter is able to harm anyone.

After, the ordeal David is at the local mortician where he unfortunately comes across Peggy and Curt Hamill and he tries to comfort them and ensures them that he had no choice, but Peggy in anger slaps David as he believes it is his fault the two leave and David returns home to his wife Judy in depression.